Cabal 2 expand pet slot

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WEXP Rate Up(25%), Craft EXP Up(50%), Pet EXP Rate Up(50%), Expand Inventory and Storage Tab, Expand 3 slots of Agent Shop *Silver Prize: 10~50 Hours (10 person) 1. Diamond Service 90 days 2. Chaos Box - Extender 3ea Chaos Box - Extender randomly drops one of below items; Slot Extender (Medium), Slot Extender (High), Perfect Core (High)

Pet Max Level and Slot Extend; A. Changed pet max ... ii) Ignore resist Options only apply in Mission Battle and ... Playthisgame - CABAL - Notice - Update Review: Force Wings Pet Slot Options increase – Normal / Covenant. Normal Pet Option ... Skill EXP UP, 2, 10. Resist Critical DMG, 1%, 2%. Pet Slot Extender - Official Cabal Wiki 28 Oct 2011 ... Description: Allows you to to equip an additional pet. The pet in the extended slot only gains Pet EXP it does not affect the stats of your ...

Cabal 2 Pet slot tutorialkosiorski.Cabal 2 - How 10 Slot PET ? How To CABAL 2 Online Download Gamedat tien.

Slot Extender Cabal Wiki - Pet Slot Extender - Official Cabal Wiki - St. Pauli-Freunde LangdorfSIM Card Flexible Extender ... there were risers in the 80s that could expand one slot into 2 or 4 slots, but there's no reason for this with modern PCs since 2gb (and even 4gb) dimms are available.

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Play, streaming, watch and download Cabal 2 Pet slot tutorial video (01:11) , you can convert to mp4, 3gp, m4a for free.Related of "Cabal 2 Pet slot tutorial" Videos. Pets - Official Cabal Wiki Pets follow you around and provide additional options to your character depending on how they have been trained. They can be leveled up to improve the bonuses given to your character. At max level they change their appearance. Pets are obtained in two ways: Purchased through the cash shop. Cabal 2 - 10 Slot PET Nasıl Yapılır ? - MiTube

Hi, I've tried trying to force an upgrade to an empty slot. ... 1. Critical Rate Increase +5% 2. Minimal Damage +1 3. HP Steal 4. ... for pets it is ... This is video i dont no YouTube - Cabal Upgrade Core Tool Antivirüs Versiyon Son ...

Cabal 2 Pet slot tutorialkosiorski.Cabal 2 - How 10 Slot PET ? How To CABAL 2 Online Download Gamedat tien. [Guide] - How To Make Cabal Server | DarksTeam Forums /etc/init.d/cabal restart or service cabal restart.Items list 1: Red core 2: Force Core 3: Level 1 hp pot 584: Plasma Coating kit 637: Slot Extender Low 638: Slot Extender MediumPet list 946 Little Jack 1021 Garlie 1022 Red Garlie 1023 Giant Beetle 1024 Nipperlug 1025 Rabbithorn 1026 Troglo 1027...